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  1. At a Change of Plea hearing held last week (Thursday, March 9th) at the defendant's request, the founder & CEO of Planet Hospital, Rupak Acharayya aka Rudy Rupak, aka Rudolph Matthews, aka Kevin Thomas Rudolph Matthews (the defendant) changed his original plea of "not guilty" on four felony criminal counts and instead entered a plea of "guilty" to a single felony criminal count ~ violation of 18 USC section 1952(a)(3) ~ Interstate or Foreign Travel in Aid of Racketeering Enterprise…a crime that carries a maximum possible penalty of up to 20 years incarceration in a federal prison, possible entry of an order for monetary restitution and the optional revocation of his LPR status which could result in his permanent deportation from the U.S. back to his country of origin which is Canada. His sentencing hearing is presently scheduled to be held on Monday, May 22, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. in San Diego Federal District Court. I know that most of us count this most recent development as a long awaited victory and that many of us share a feeling of relief in knowing there is finally a judicial declaration that his actions were criminal and the significant harm and trauma suffered by numerous IPs which was caused as a result of Rupak's criminal acts will not be ignored or go unnoticed. Although justice won't truly be served and this disaster won't finally be brought to a close until Rupak is officially sentenced and the criminal case is over, we most definitely celebrate this "guilty" plea and are proud with what we have managed to achieve together so far! I will provide a final update on this criminal case at the conclusion of Rupak's sentencing hearing shortly after May 22, 2017.
  2. New to surrogacy in the Chicago area

    Welcome smssung. I'm really sorry you've encountered so many challenges while trying to create your family and I wish you the very best of luck in finding the kind surrogate you're seeking. My husband & I are IPs as well so I can definitely relate to some of the emotions you're experiencing. The heading of your post caught my attention because we're also in the Chicago area so I was thinking that we may very well be neighbors! If there is anything I can do to help in anyway, please let me know!
  3. More than three years after the whistle was first blown on Rupak and the Planet Hospital disaster, the wheels of justice have finally started turning... The official news release issued by: OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES ATTORNEY SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA San Diego, California United States Attorney Laura E. Duffy For Further Information, Contact: Assistant U. S. Attorneys Christopher Tenorio (619) 546-8413 and Valerie Chu (619) 546-6750 For Immediate Release Broker Accused of Stealing Millions from Clients Trying to Have Babies through Surrogates in Mexico NEWS RELEASE SUMMARY – June 22, 2016 SAN DIEGO – Acharayya Rupak, founder of San Diego-based medical tourism company Planet Hospital, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges that he stole more than $2 million from infertile clients who sought his help in finding surrogacy services. Rupak, a Canadian national living in Calabasas, acted as a broker between his clients and Mexican clinics that provide egg donors, in vitro fertilization and surrogates. According to the indictment, Rupak pocketed money from American clients that he was supposed to use to pay the clinics for various surrogacy services. The clinics didn’t get their money; the clients never received the services. “People who seek the help of a surrogate are on an exhausting, expensive and emotional journey,” said U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy. “They shouldn’t have their dream to have a child trampled by someone they trust to help them.” “Though the FBI investigates many types of fraud, it is concerning when victims have been taken advantage of because of their desire to start a family,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Eric S. Birnbaum. “The FBI will use our resources appropriately to root out fraudulent surrogacy schemes that violate the trust of the American public.” Rupak, who has also used the names Rudy Rupak, Rudolph Matthews and Kevin Thomas Rudolph Matthews, made his first appearance in federal court Tuesday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Barbara Major. Bond was set at $50,000 and Rupak’s next court hearing is scheduled for July 25 at 2 p.m. before U.S. District Judge Cynthia Bashant. Medical tourism companies like Planet Hospital facilitate travel to foreign countries to undergo medical procedures such as gastric bypass, organ transplants, tummy tucks or hip replacements at a more affordable price. In this case, Rupak acted as an intermediary, connecting U.S. clients with egg donors and in vitro fertilization clinics and surrogates in Mexico. Rupak’s medical tourism business had addresses in San Diego, Calabasas and Calexico. In 2008, Rupak began offering international surrogacy services, which is the practice of paying a woman to have an embryo transferred to her womb and bear the child for someone else. Beginning in September 2009 and continuing until at least January 2014, Rupak solicited international surrogacy clients, luring them in with promises of discounted prices and then hitting them with additional fees later. He convinced them to send him thousands of dollars by falsely representing that their funds would be put into escrow accounts and used only to pay for medical services. But according to the indictment, Rupak failed to forward the clients’ funds to service providers such as egg donor companies, IVF clinics and surrogacy services. These companies would then demand additional funds from Rupak’s clients, who had already paid for the services. To cover up the theft, Rupak created unauthorized websites and email addresses in the name of a clinic and its physician in order to send emails to Planet Hospital clients, giving excuses for why Planet Hospital had not provided promised services or falsely claiming that surrogacy procedures were unsuccessful. Rupak lied to his clients about success rates and falsely claimed ownership interest in two IVF clinics in Cancun, Mexico, the indictment said. Once the deception started snowballing, Rupak operated his business like a Ponzi scheme, using funds from new clients to pay for services provided to existing Planet Hospital clients. DEFENDANT Case Number 16cr1333 Acharayya Rupak Age: 48 Calabasas, CA SUMMARY OF CHARGES Wire Fraud – Title 18, U.S.C., Section 134 Maximum penalty: 20 years’ imprisonment and $250,000 fine AGENCY Federal Bureau of Investigation *The charges and allegations contained in an indictment or complaint are merely accusations, and the defendants are considered innocent unless and until proven guilty. Kelly Thornton Director of Media Relations Office of the United States Attorney Southern District of California 619.546.9726 Kelly.Thornton@usdoj.gov
  4. Thank you Traci. I had to wait until there was an actual article posted as I only had a PDF of the actual indictment and was unable to link the PDF but here is a link in case anyone is interested...http://timesofsandiego.com/crime/2016/06/22/owner-medical-company-indicted-ripping-off-infertile-clients/
  5. Thanks so much for the assistance Traci. Unfortunately, the document isn't "linked" anywhere yet, it's just in PDF and I'm not able to attach a PDF anywhere I can see. Not THAT important this moment. I'll link when it's been published somewhere in a few days if at all.
  6. Yesterday in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California, San Diego a federal indictment was executed against the founder and CEO of Planet Hospital Acharayya Rupak also known as Rudy Rupak also known as Rudolph Matthews also known as Kevin Thomas Rudolph Matthews. After many years of causing grave harm to the people in the international surrogacy community, Rupak was finally arrested, detained, charged, entered a plea to those charges, required to post bond in exchange for his continued freedom and will soon be participating in a criminal trial for felony crimes he’s been charged with. Although, he must be found guilty at trial in order for true justice to be done ~ those of us who were unfortunate to encounter him at any point along the way as well as those of us who suffered harm yet continued to fight together to bring him to justice ~ many of us are relieved that we finally made it this far and for now, we feel just obtaining the indictment is a victory all of its very own. No idea what the next scam will be or who the next group of survivors he’ll be responsible for creating but he won’t be causing harm in our sacred community ever again and if there truly is justice, he won’t have the ability to do so anywhere else for an extended period of time either. I’ll post updates and details for those that are interested as I obtain them. I have a copy of the actual indictment but as I rarely post here (more of a reader that writer in this group), I don't know how to attach it to my post. If anyone is interested in seeing it and could tell me how to post it, I'd be happy to do so.
  7. That's awesome! It's so nice to be reminded that there are many wonderful people out there in the world that value the relationships in their lives and that take the time to do something special for the people they love! You are blessing them and they are being a blessing in your life as well.

    New Life is an agency that specializes in assisting IPs with international surrogacy journeys in several different countries founded and operated by a very successful international businesswoman named Mariam. They have a rather unique business model compared to the manner in which most other agencies operate in the international surrogacy community and the New Life group is very successful overall. Often confused with the New Life Insurance Group but definitely two completely different businesses.
  9. Anyone following this forum?

    Hey there 2SonsInHeaven, Welcome! I've read your other post here and I'm so sorry for the hard road you've traveled thus far. It's great that you finally took the step of registering and reaching out. My husband and I are also IPs and although the support community for IPs is much smaller than for GCs, there is support out there ~ there are other IPs that are interested in chatting and sharing experiences, like you and I are! I don't recall if you said where you live? We live in the Chicago area. Looking forward to following your journey and wishing you the best as it goes forward!
  10. Hi itsonlyk, I'm an IP and I agree with what has already been said. I think there are subjects like termination and reduction that are inherently uncomfortable but are critical to the process. And then I think there are personal questions (perhaps relating to fertility and finances) that may not be areas to explore in the very beginning of the relationship (the exception with finances being questions directly relating to the surrogacy contract and financial relationship set forth therein). I'm a pretty open person and I would hope that if I were asked a question that I was uncomfortable answering at any particular point in a relationship with my surrogate, I would have the ability to be honest and share that I was simply not comfortable discussing that topic at the moment and if it was truly an important inquiry for the surrogate, perhaps we could revisit it at some point in the future. Hope that helps...
  11. Good surro books?

    There is also a book titled "I got drunk at my baby shower" and it's about surrogacy. Not so much about the process of surrogacy but more about the relationship between the GC and the IM - they both wrote the book together, alternating chapters, so you get to see the journey from both perspectives. I thought it was a good read.
  12. Medical Records

    That's awesome news! It's always encouraging to watch people pursue their goals regardless of an obstacle and then be rewarded with a favorable result! Thanks for sharing your win and congratulations!
  13. Good morning Rainbowtree and welcome to the group. I liked your introduction and I look forward to following along with your journey! Wishing you the best in March and hoping to hear great news!
  14. Fresh vs. Frozen

    As an IP I initially thought "I'd better transfer fresh or I'm screwed". But then I read a "position paper" (for lack of a better title) from one of the last ASRM conferences that talked about the success of frozen transfers. One of the factors has already been mentioned by other people ~ the embryos that survive the thaw are stronger which I totally agree. But then I read another part of that paper that did it for me. When you do a fresh transfer, the timing is really dictated by the development of that little embryo ~ either it's ready to go at day three or at day five and you have to do when it's ready regardless of whether the environment is perfect or not. But when you are dealing with frozen embryos, you (your RE) have the opportunity to create the most perfect uterine environment for that little embryo and you have much more control over that process. Being an IM that has three frozen embryos, that made me feel so much more hopeful.
  15. And I don't think I said "thank you Traci" because I really do enjoy being a part of this forum and although I know you don't really like me and you don't really understand my journey, you have allowed me to stay, you have allowed my comments to come through moderation and you've allowed me to stay. We may not agree but that means the world to me. Because being in my position ~ I'm an IP still new to international surrogacy and being a new agency owner truly trying to help IPs that simply cannot afford to do surrogacy in the U.S., even though you don't like me and you have a very bad perception of me, I do appreciate that you allow my voice to be heard. I don't have very much personal support for my own journey so thanks for not removing me from this site. I will be very careful to try and not do anything to violate your TOU or to make you angry.