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  1. Baby is here!

    Congrats, hun!!!
  2. My Surro-Angels

    Oh Amanda, softest {hugs} to you and your IPs at this difficult time. I am so SO very sorry.
  3. Thank you for sharing your story! The birth of two miracles..you should be so proud! Let us know how your PP checkup turns out...I pray that your heart finds peace with whatever comes!!
  4. 6 mos PP...where's AF

    If I don't hear by tomorrow morning, I'm calling and bugging her!
  5. 6 mos PP...where's AF

    OK so update...my OB called me today to discuss my bloodwork. She says that my LH and FSH levels are EXTREMELY low. She tells me she's stumped, considering my other levels and that the u/s didn't reveal a huge tumor on an ovary or anything like that...something is definitely not right. She's going to consult with a colleague/specialist and get back with me. I told her that I'd love to address things sooner rather than later since I've met my max OOP for the year on my insurance and everything is 100% covered thru Dec 31, so hopefully she gets right on it. She also asked me if I'd had AF yet and I told her boy have I ever! I asked her what my lining had measured at my appt on Thursday (cuz she'd said it was thick but I hadn't asked for a #). She said it was 25mm...well no CRAP why AF was so flippin' pissed! Yikes. Anyway, I'm starting to stress a tad, now worrying that something might actually be wrong aside from "crazy post delivery hormones" ughhh. I'll update again when I know more.
  6. 6 mos PP...where's AF

    Yanno, Mandi, I feel like such a heel fussing "that I might be pg" and it not really being on my list of things to do. I know there are so many wonderful IMs here dying to be Mommies...ughh. But yeah, our family is decidedly complete so let's just say I'm happy that the miracle of a suprise pregnancy wasn't used up on me...we are blessed with three precious monkeys...hopefully that miracle will find it's way to another couple yearning for their baby! And Tina, after she said it for the 5th or so time, I was beginning to think the story was gonna turn out that way just cuz I seem to attract unforseen craziness the last few years lol.
  7. 6 mos PP...where's AF

    So after I posted my "5mos PP and still no AF" post, I went ahead and called my OB. The next available appt was last thursday, which was one day shy of the boys being 6 mos old. I went to the appt and the check in nurse said took my vitals and said "so why are you here today?" I told her cuz AF was missing 6mos PP. She said, "ok, let me ask some history questions and then we'll have ya pee in a cup for a pg test and then we'll get ya into the exam room to wait for the dr." First question...form of birth control? "Tubal" I say, and she decides that the urine pg test won't be necessary lol. So I get to the exam room and the dr comes in and we go over why I'm there. She immediately asks if I could be pg. I tell her I've had a tubal so I'm pretty sure I'm not. She smirks and asks if I peed in a cup for an office pg test. "Nope, nurse said not to." Hmmm she says. In an amused tone, I tell her it's not funny and I'm NOT pg. So she starts my exam with a visual exam of my cervix. She pops her head up from between my legs and says "are you SURE you aren't pg?!" WHAT?! YES!!! WHY??!! Because my cervix "looks like a pg cervix". HUH? I've never heard of that before, but aparently pg cervixes look blue. She jokes again about me being pg...I tell her I'm not and she gives me the silly eye, and then I throw up my hands and say "well you'll tell me in about three mins when you do the u/s if you see any sacs" LOL. (At this point I'm still pretty darned sure I'm not pg, but man does she have me rattled.) So anticlimax here...she does the u/s and I'm not pg! I do have a seriously thick lining and "polycystic looking ovaries". She prescribed me a 5 day provera challenge and warned me that AF would be super terrible once she got here. Swell! And she gave me a lab slip for a TON of different blood tests to try to see what might be going on. "Oh and one more thing" she said, "I'll need a urine sample for that pg test." LOL, ok fine...gotta cross your t's and dot your i's I suppose. So I did the test, it was negative *SHOCKER* and headed home. I filled my prescription and intended to start it today so that I wouldn't be in the middle of a terrible AF when I went trick or treating with my kiddos, but wouldn't ya know?!...AF showed up Sunday PISSED AS EVER. It's been terrible. I've been soaking an overnight pad every hour. Bleck! I guess this is what I get in exchange for a 6 mo break. So aparently all I needed to do was threaten her with a dr visit to get her to show up again lol. Sorry I don't have any great answers as to WHY. The possibilities were a weird syndrome you can develop if you hemmhorage at delivery, some sort of hormone imbalance, a cervical blockage, or surprise pathological issue. But now AF has shown up so??? If my OB calls with anything noteworthy in my b/w I'll update but for right now it aparently seems that it just took this long to get my hormones back in sync from having two babies.
  8. gave birth 5mos ago

    I have actually been meaning to post an update...I'll do that now!
  9. I appreciate you posting your story too. Even if you take out the names, reading it gives very good advice about many details that need to be seen to in a good surrogacy match. I'm sorry for the junk you've been thru and I'm very glad you got out of a potentially disasterous match before it was too late!
  10. Weaning off meds....

    This last pg with the twins, they pretty much had me stop cold turkey. I too was on vivelle and PIO and at 10w I just stopped. They didn't want any bloodwork either. It was kinda weird on my worried mind, but all was fine! Congrats on just about being done with your meds!!!
  11. gave birth 5mos ago

    (a little tmi info here so be warned...) And no, 99% sure I'm not pg lol (my tubes were tied in 2007). So Mason and Ethan will be 5 mos old this week. I had PP bleeding or discharge (had several weeks of bloody mucous after the actual bleeding part was over) for about two months after their birth. Since then I've had off and on spotting of brownish and pinkish but never red blood...sometimes for several days, sometimes for an hour...and then nothing for days. But nothing that I would call even remotely like AF. I'm beginning to get concerned, and I would really like to just have my body back to normal. I know that I gave birth to twins, had concerning bloodloss right after delivery, had 54 pounds to lose and have been exercising to get that weight off...I know all of these things can mess with my body...but at what point do I call my OB and run this by her?
  12. WTH?

    I totally hear ya, Andrea. And I'm even farther behind you, I'm actually starting to get a bit worried and I was thinking of starting a thread of my own on this topic...
  13. My IM had the boys!

    Wow!! Lots and lots of CONGRATS to three families!!!
  14. 1year ago

    Congratulations on the birth of your surrosons!!!! They are very cute! I'm glad you had such a wonderful journey and I wish you an equally awesome experience next year! Hope you hang out here and share with us!
  15. Khloe Gabrielle

    I am so happy for you, Tina!!