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Surrogate Poems?

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Hedr    0

Anyone know of any ??


Thanks! :banana:

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Guest ABCgs   
Guest ABCgs

I've always liked this one:


A Dream, by Lain L.


Our friendship started differently

than most friendships I've had.

We had to search each other out

because of something sad.


A precious child to fill your hearts

is what you're longing for.

Infertility has made it hard

to open up that door.


And so a search began for you

to find a helping heart.

So similar to my own search

not knowing where to start.


For me the search is special

it requires such great care.

A couple to help have a child...

the fruit my search must bare.


Now we've found each other

so much more real it seems.

Through faith and hope and honesty

we're moving toward your dream.


But the dream we have,

it is the same,

a dream that's filled with firsts.

First smiles, first laughs, first steps, first words....

all starting with a birth.


Often times I find myself

wondering what it's like

to have to trust a stranger

with such a precious life.


And though I can't imagine

all that you've been through,

I've been so blessed in my life

I'm drawn to helping you.

And I hope you know I'll do my best

to bring a child to you.


Some people call us Angels

us surro-moms to be.

But I don't feel Angelic,

I just feel like me.


Our journey is just starting,

and no one knows the end.

I pray it brings to you a child

and brings to me a friend.


Copyright 2001. The American Surrogacy Center, Inc.(TASC), Kennesaw, GA

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Guest DeniseM   
Guest DeniseM

I found this one...



The Moment

by Tammy


The time has come you see,

you have spent nine months with me.

We had a rough beginning, a little touch and go.

But you would make it fine, once you started to grow.

So many people love you so very much.

I couldn't wait for the moment you felt mommy's touch

No, my little darling, that is not me.

I carried you for another and someday you will see.

I look in your sweet and oh so beautiful face,

and everything freezes, this time and place.

As I slowly hand you over to your loving mom and dad,

my heart is filled with happiness,

but my eyes are kind of sad.

For nine long months I've had you near my heart,

and it makes me sort of sad that we finally have to part.

But the sparkle that I see in your parent's eyes

and the joy that I hear in their happy cries,

makes this ever so easy and so right.

I have a feeling angels will sleep with you tonight

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Hedr    0

Thanks Girls

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