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Baby Sophie Has Arrived!

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miamoo1    18

The Birth Of Baby Sophie 9/28/16


Wednesday September 28, 2016...Induction at 38 weeks.
I can't get enough of that sweet face:)



Tuesday September 27, 2016, Due to possible IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction) our perintalist felt it was best for the health of my IF's little peanut that we induce immediately.


Months prior we were told that I would likely need to be induced at 37 wks due to my age and the chance of my placenta aging. I honestly felt uneasy about the prospect of not allowing nature to take it's course naturally as I have been fortunate enough to expereince this with all three of my own children.


I felt uneasy about my doctor jumping on the induction band wagon so quickly so I began to ask questions and researching as much as I could on my own. Inductions have an important place in certain situations however they also carry certain risks that I wanted to make sure were warranted given our particular situation. During this time I stumbled upon the 'Buisness Of Being Born,' a Documentary Series on Netflix. It was a wonderful glimpse into all aspects of different medical interventions and the pros and cons of each. But what really made a lasting immpression on me was watching and learning about natural birth options both at home and in a hospital setting as well as the amazing role of doulas. I was struck with how little I knew and felt that I had somehow missed out on the opportunity to try a natural birth with my own children.


This feeling that I had somehow short changed myself by not learning more about my birthing options lingered with me over the next few months. Knowing that this would be my last pregnancy, that I would most likley be induced and that I didn't even have the time or the know how to even entertain the idea of attempting to find or speak to a doula convinced me that I would be better off letting this idea go. After all I had no clue how to 'ride through a contraction' which is key to a successful med free labor as several mom's in this documentary explained. The only hard contractions complete with back labor I had expereinced were with my first daughter 18 yrs ago on the way to the hospital and I was screaming bloody murder fighting and resisting the pain like a crazy mad woman. Gratefully and boy was I grateful, I was given an epidural and my labor and subsequent birth were quick and easy. My following births 14 and 7 yrs respectively, I magically progressed to 6-7 centimeters by the time I walked thru the hospital doors and by some dumb luck I was given an epidural before my contractions intensified and became painful....((few))


So to be honest I was kinda silently dreaming of this fantasy where I could muscle through birth on my own even though I knew deep down I didn't have a clue how to prepare. Nor did I have the support from family, friends or my doc. since I hadn't even shared my thoughts or feelings regarding my interest in a natural birth. Of course it's no secret that the intensity and frequency of contractions with inductions is greater, leading many women to require some reprieve from the pain and then the cascade of interventions begins. I feared the possiblity of my surro babe experiencing fetal distress and began to panic about the possiblity of a cesarean as a result. Then there was the thought of the pain...I'm not tough. So long story short the night before my scheduled induction was a sleepless one. I honestly prayed that I would miraculously go into labor that night and we could just skip the induction altogether...


In retrospect it seems almost silly how stressed I felt leading up to my induction. My focus was blurred by what-if's and my past deliveries which were perfect in memory, seemed to just further my resolve to try to gain some control over a situation I was beginning to feel was suddenly out of my control.


To add to my stress, baby Sophie had been in the breech position for a long time and thanks to lots of monitering it was clear she was quite comfortable with her little sweet noggin wedged just under my left ribcage and her buttocks planted snuggly in my pelvis:) My youngest daughter also presented in the breech position and at 8 and half months I decided to have an external version to rotate her into the head down position. It worked and with my IF's and doc's blessings we scheduled a version that took place 5 days prior to baby Sophie's debut into this world. I was so thankful that she didn't resist or become distressed. At this point I was so grateful to have the opportunity to deliver vaginally that I think I may have subconsciously decided to go all out and try to postpone an epidural. I was fearful that getting an induction also meant LONG labor and that getting an epidural too early could possibly stall labor to some degree.


At long last...My Birth Story!!


So there we were (mom and myself) finally at the L&D at around 9:30am. Check-in took forever as I had to complete the same questions and paperwork I had just done 5 days prior when I was addmitted for my external version...blah. By 11:00am I was finally in a bed with my IV hooked up and it was decided that since my cervical check showed I was dilated about 2cm and slightly soft that the pitocin would be administered slowly by one notch every 30 min. if needed. At 11am ish I was at a level 1 of pit. pretty low I know but I was good with that. At 12:30pm (no contraction yet) the nurse and midwife came in and asked if I wanted to have my water bag broken...I accepted. It was a wee bit uncomfortable with a hand and hook crammed up my hooha. The next hour plus went on with that wonderful warm water gushing out from my body making it feel like I was sitting in a wet diaper. By 1pm my IF's arrived with their overnight bags and laptops so they could cram in some last min. work before the official life changing moment of fatherhood officially commenced.


Between 1-1:50pm I was starting to feel light contractions similiar to Braxton Hicks. Apparently this was not enough progress and one of the nurses came in and upped my pit. a few more times in an effort to get things going. By 2:20pm I was feeling deeper contractions and my IF was watching them on the monitor telling me how high the numbers were getting. At this point they were 3-4 min. apart. By 3:00pm they were getting uncomfortable and I could feel all the pain in my lower back. It was at this time that my mom had left to pick up my youngest from school and three nurses rushed into the room, told the guys they may want to leave and without warning one nurse grabbed my legs and sent them spread eagle ( grateful the guys had left) and did a quick cervical check...3cm, while the second nurse placed an oxygen mask onto my face while turning my body so I was then laying on my right side (I remember breaking down in tears and feeling very emotional) and the third turned of the pit. completely and gave me a tissue. My earlier fear of baby Sophie expereincing fetal distress due to the admistration of pitocin played out in a mad fury. Fortunatly as quickly as it all happened she was back on the monitor within a brief period and looking good.


By 3:45pm my contractions had intensified and my nurses provided me with a wireless monitor so that I could walk around or sit in the rocking chair to help ease my contractions some now that little Sophie was happy. During this time I was probably starting to freak the guys out a little with the groaning and occational contorting as I grabbed for my lower back pushing on it to help ease the pain. I felt bad but I could no longer engage in friendly conversation as it took about all I had to work through each contraction now.


By 5pm my mom had finally returned only to find me standing up against my bed with my head and my face buried in the sheets, beads of sweat on my forehead (it's a workout) and tears silently streaming down my face. At this point I think she was mystefied as to why I was going through this and not requesting any pain meds. I won't sugar coat this for anyone who is thinking of laboring naturally, it hurts something fierce, and gratefully it was at this moment that the nurses returned and said that I was progressing nicely and to expect her to be born around 7pm.


5:30pm I was asked to get back onto the bed and move onto all fours with my arms hugging my pillow and lying tummy side down with one leg extended and the other tucked under my chest. It was surprisly comfortable. My nurse said she was hopeful that the baby would turn since my terrible back labor was intensified by the fact that she was facing forward. No luck but it was wonderful having the nurses take turns putting hard pressure on my lower back as my contractions hit nearly every 30-60 seconds. The next 30 min. were hard and I was begining to feel that pressure in the pelvic floor the kind of pressure that feels like you have to take a massive dump!!! eek. At this point I was getting cold feet and I was starting to physically panic. I remember saying 'I can't do this' dr. Walsh walked in very calm and collected and said I was ready. There was a scurry of activity as the nurses scrambled around, the guys moved behind my bed and in one fell swoop I was quickly moved onto my back while my legs were held to either side and I was suddenly told to push. Oh dear God...I could feel everything and it was the most freighting moment because there was no turning back, I had to push this baby out with no pain meds and I was literally beginning to squirm back up the I could somehow get out of giving birth. All I remember hearing was relax, don't breath, just push, keep pushing. I could feel my face turning bright red. With each push I thought for sure she must be long could this baby be?? I remember yelling out 'can you please just pull her out?' I managed one final push and when I finally opened my eyes back up all I could see were little feet and legs inches from my face. Baby Sophie was lying on my stomach while one of the IF's cut her embilcal cord. She was born at 6:01pm weighing in at only 5 lbs and 4 oz. Then within a flash she was whisked away across the room to get her APGAR testing and get cleaned up.


I remember the immediate relief I felt that I actually did it! That my IF's little girl appeared healthy, and watching and hearing all the joy in the room. There are no words to properly express how this moment felt. It was perfect in every way. As my placenta was being removed I could see baby Sophie's eyes wide open looking around the room. She never cried or made a bit of noise not once.


I then remember my IF's walking towards me, one of them noticably choked up and sniffling as he leaned over to hug me and thank me:) There is no better feeling in the world then seeing and participating in the begining of a new life. I felt like the proudest surro mom in the world...a high I feel every time I think back to this moment. I will always feel eternally blessed to have had this opportunity and it warms my heart everytime a get an update from Sophie's dads. She is beautiful in every way:)


And I must add, it was something wonderful to be able to walk on my own shortly after giving birth to the bathroom. I was moved a short time later to my recovery room. My mom and I sat for the next few hours having hot tea and snacks and watching 'Coming to America"...remember that old Eddie Murphy movie?? LOL!


Today I'm still feeling pain and I'm fully back to my daily routines. The awful discomfort of my milk coming in has finally slowed. I am so over smelling like frozen green peas...I have been waring them in my sports bra for the past 5 days. But it's doing the trick and the engorment has subsided considerably.


Cheers to all my fellow Surros and soon to be surros here at AAS. You all have given me the knowledge and encouragement over the past 4 plus years that I needed to make this journey so amazing!!!! First time was the charm and now I'm retired! Bless you all:)





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traci72    202

:itsabeautifulthing::blowkiss: :dancing dots: :yougogirl::woofreakinhoo::yourock::love::love::love::congrats:



I loved this so much, I've read it TWICE now!!! I'm so excited for all of you and know that you've made such a huge impact on their lives. SO.DAMN.PROUD. of you!!!! What a wonderful birth story and thank you so much for sharing it w/us. Make sure you're taking it easy and not pushing yourself too much. You've earned a rest now.

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mama_moon    22

She's adorable!! Nice writing! Thank you for sharing your birth story :)

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Surromom360    14

Yay!!!! I loved reading this!!! I am so proud of you for going natural!! As a labor and delivery nurse and having had 3 kids Of my own (with epidurals- I wasn't that brave) I've seen it and experienced it from angles and you are AMAZING!!! Most women come in to labor saying they want to go natural and then quickly change their mind- I'm proud of you for sticking with it!! Beautiful story!!

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beachalice    24

How are you doing, miamoo1? Any struggles with pp weightloss considering all the holiday treats over the past few months?

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