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This is my first time being a traditional surrogate and it's for my cousin. For 3 years her and her husband have been trying to have baby. Everything they have tried ended with her miscarring early in the pregnancy. They did 4 rounds of IVF in the hopes that this would work better then the traditional way of making a baby, only to be told they that never succeeded. Three days before Christmas they were informed that she had bad eggs and wouldn't be able to have biological children. Seeing the pain they went through broke my heart. They couldn't go through a agency because of ivf taking their savings. Everyone knew what was going on and no one offered to help besides me, but because the type of person she is she said no. A couple days ago we were talking and she broke down crying saying " she didn't know what to do, one thing she wanted most to give her husband she couldn't". So again I said " I'll carry your baby, let me do this for you!" After 20 minutes of telling her the information I found and how we could do it she finally said yes! So now this starts my journey of giving my cousin her biggest dream. If there's anything you could suggest to make this successful, what to expect or tell me your journey on being a TS I would greatly appreciate it!!

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I highly encourage counseling for you both. Your cousin needs to heal from the loss of ability to bare her own children. You need to be in a healthy place with regard to your own family.


You both need to know how to work with one another emotionally throughout this journey so that there's not too much fragility or too much excitement or a general mismatch that leads to resentment.


You both need attorneys to ensure your cousin and her husband are the legal care providers for baby. The steps might be tricky, depending on your state. Can you imagination if, after carrying for your cousin, you had to go through a court hearing for adoption?


Surrogacy is such a selfless gift. We all want to hear about the happy-ever-afters ❤️ The homework is on you both to ensure a smooth journey.

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