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Second FET scheduled :) Fingers Crossed

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NJLyn    4

We are in the midst of our second protocol for FET. Estimated ET date of April 10th, ultrasound April 5th.

My last from January was a chemical pregnancy :( HCG started slow, rose, then dropped completely.


Congrats to everyone who had success recently!!! Sending baby dust your way!

My RE switched me to Estradiol Patch starting next week, and will still be doing crinone gel. I thought she might switch me to PIO shots.

The only thing I am doing differently this time around, is having acupuncture.

I'm not as nervous or stressed, since I feel more comfortable with the process.


Good luck everyone and thanks for your advice and feedback over the past year! <3


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adoubleux57    8

Good Luck!! I am sending baby dust your way! :babydust22:


I believe minimal stress and nerves play a vital part in this process. Hang in there! Cant wait to see some pee sticks!!

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