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6 weeks and a little nervous :(

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I am new to this forum and excited to read through the experiences of all you surrogates!

The one reason I came to this forum was to ask a quick question and hopefully receive a little reassurance. We went through a 3rd transfer on March 22nd which we are very excited to have receive 2 positive beta tests (1st HCG level result was 1508 and two days later it was 3387) which would make me around 6 weeks. We booked the first scan for April 25th. :)

Last night I woke up around 11 and found that I was bleeding. Not heavily....but enough that I had to wipe a few times. It was bright red. I did not have any discomfort or cramps at all.

I put on a pad and went to bed. In the am there was a small amount of dark red blood on the pad. Again, no discomfort. Before I left for work, there was no sign of blood when I wiped. i had to stop in to the clinic to grab some meds to get me through until the 25th (Estrogen and Progesterone Oil). I discussed this with a nurse and she ordered a blood test. I received a call about an hour ago and my numbers at at 12554. The nurse said they look fine. My question is....if something happened last night, would it not be a little too soon to see a drastic change in the levels? I was not overly confident after the call. My actual Dr's nurse called me and said that he said the numbers look encouraging however, if I want, I can go into the clinic and get an ultrasound and speak with a fellow Dr (since mine is actually on holiday) just confirm that everything is ok. Of course I made the appointment.


As of right now, no blood but, there are dull aches like I am in the early stages of PMS which is nothing abnormal from what I have been feeling over the past few weeks.


Has anyone else experienced a sporadic, short lived bleeding episode within their first 6 weeks?

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traci72    202

I know this isn't the most reassuring to hear, but spotting/bleeding is quite common, specifically w/an IVF pg. Most likely you have a small SCH present, which is basically a bruise in the uterus. It can be located in different areas, which can effect whether you see bleeding and how much, if you do. Some SCH's are small enough or higher up, that they are absorbed back into the lining, sometimes they might be a bit larger or just closer to the cervix, which is when you'd notice the bleeding. It's a good sign to not have any cramping, though even if you do have some, it doesn't necessarily mean anything bad. Your hCG has gone up wonderfully, which in and of itself is reassuring, though I know it doesn't feel that way. I've and multiple SCH's w/all my surrogate pg's, that have varied in the # and size, but all ended well for me. I also had a very severe SCH w/my DS#2, at 13 1/2wks. So bad that the ER Dr told me to accept the fact that I had lost the pg. Thankfully he was wrong and just an ass.


All that you can do, is stay off your feet as much as possible, no heavy lifting, stay super hydrated, and while I know it's easier said than done, but try to stay calm and not stress too bad. Keep us posted as to how you're doing, and let us know how the U/S goes for you. Sending calming vibes and continued sticky thoughts!

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beachalice    24


I am sending you some :sticky:


If I'm counting correctly, you're 5w3d or 5w4d along. That's really almost 6 weeks. But even a day or two can make a difference in what is visible on ultrasound at this point. A heartbeat might be detected midway through 6 weeks, but I'm pointing out what I think your dates are so you can be mentally prepared if there is only a yolk sac. In other words, it's not a bad thing if there is no heart beat yet because you might be a few days early for a heartbeat.


I look forward to hearing some positive updates!

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itsonlyk    65

From what I have read, if you get HCG levels of 10,800 miu, they should be able to detect a heartbeat via transvaginal ultrasound. I actually JUST read this study:


(I am super anxious for my own sonogram which is scheduled for 4/19, I transferred 3/17)



If they are offering to do an u/s, you may as well take them up on the offer to make you feel better. I know some may think that's a bad idea because they're not really sure how safe multiple sonograms are in early pregnancy but I would think if they're offering they are confident that it's OK or that the benefits outweigh the risks?


Like Traci said, bleeding in IVF is very common unfortunately. Hopefully it is just a small SCH or perhaps even just some irritation caused by suppositories?

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