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canada surrogacy agencies

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oscar    0

Hi  i was wondering if you know any sources to contact and communicate with intended GS ? is this forum can be used to get in contact with someone ? i am not that good with forums  sorry if i repeated.


thank you


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traci72    202

If you are looking to go independently, you can either place an ad in the Classified's section on this site, or respond to any that get your attention. There are also matching groups on FB that you can utilize. Canada, as far as agencies, is a "funny" thing. It is illegal for agencies there to charge IP's for matching, so they find ways to get around this. They will help "facilitate" you meeting someone that may end up becoming your surrogate, and then charging you for different administrative services, setting up screening, etc. There is a mistaken idea though, that in Canada the surrogates are "altruistic", meaning that they do not get paid a compensation. They get what is deemed "reimbursements", and I've seen it equal the equivalent or MORE than what a US surrogate gets in compensation. Many end up submitting for computer/internet, phone, utilities (I've seen this one), rent/mortgage, groceries, and more. Things that they already had and used prior to the pg, but can now transfer to the IP's. They are supposed to provide receipts if requested to support these reimbursements, but I personally know and have seen Canadian surrogates be "reimbursed" between $30k and $40k. 


I will say that if you are def. going to be going to Canada, try finding a clinic there that you like, and see if they have any surrogates that they know of, that are looking to match. This has happened pretty often, and if you could find a surrogate that has worked w/one of these clinics before, and may have already had a recent screening, so that they are ready to go quicker than a surrogate that needs to go through that. 

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