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Powerdgr19    0

Hello all:

We are just beginning the journey of having a baby through a surrogate as intended parents.  The amount of information out there is a little daunting.  We have been speaking with a lot of agencies to try and figure out where the journey should begin, and we think that we've narrowed it down to three.  We are looking closely at  (in no particular order) Surrogate Parenting Services, SurroConnection, and Family Formations.  

There are pros and cons to each of them and it's hard to distinguish their advantages after these first conversations.

How did any of you choose a surrogacy agency to work with as intended parents?  Which criteria seemed to help the most in choosing?

Have any of you specifically worked with or heard anything about these particular agencies? I would be interesting in hearing both positive and negative experiences.

We are based in the Bay Area of CA.  Do you know of any disadvantages of selecting a surrogate outside of moderate driving distance where you live?


Thank you,




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beachalice    24



The beginning stage can all be VERY overwhelming. I agree with you!

I think some big factors are fees, services, and reputation. How much are you paying and what are you paying for? Have they ever gotten in trouble for not fulfilling their promises?

You can look up reviews on the MenHavingBabies and SART websites as well as Facebook agency review groups and yelp, etc to get an idea of the overall atmosphere. But you'll have to get along with your coordinator so even the best reviews don't mean much if communication is an issue for you. 


Some other questions might include:

The order of protocol - contracts first or med screen first?

Does the agency do any screening/ background check prior to offering profiles to you?

What screening do they do after matching?

How many families do they typically manage per year?

Average time you should anticipate waiting for a match - I've seen some agencies rush out and offer ridiculous benefits in advertising to reel in surrogates in order to be able to offer immediate matches, but you can imagine the disaster that comes from rushing. 

Average time from matching to transfer - same point as above to rushing. 

Are they familiar with your fertility clinic?

Can they give you some advice on what to look for in a surrogate?


I'm sure you'll identify more questions as you begin comparing apples to apples with each agency. 

I guess as far as distance, it depends on how involved you want to be in the pregnancy. Do you want to go to milestone appointments and visit often? Or are you okay with potentially only meeting your surrogate in person once before baby is born? Also, travel considerations for the birth itself... How quickly can you get to your surrogate when she's in labor? Do you want to arrive and stay in a hotel for a month before due date just in case? How long will the birth certificate process take in your Surrogate's state - how long before you can travel with your baby? What if there are complications after birth that require a stay in NICU?

Many people work internationally for surrogacy, so you're not reinventing the wheel. But what are you comfortable with?


best wishes! 

I look forward to following your journey!

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mumofacub    3

What was the purpose of you comment here, mum?? You're posting inappropriate comments to random threads. That tells me a lot about you. This is you last and final warning!!

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Lisa564    0

Hi Powerdgr19! I don't know if I am eligible to answer your question, as I am not going through all these stages myself. I just know that my sis has been searching for the donor egg for a while. And their final decision, as far as I know, was to turn to a private fertility clinic. Good luck for you in your search!

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