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Co-parenting: Have kid(s) while you're young, we'll take care of them, see them whenever you want

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I've passed the age of being able to have a child so my husband I are looking for a young woman who:
- wants to have a child while still in her prime reproductive years
- prefers to enjoy her prime years free of the responsibility and expenses of raising a child
- doesn't want to end up going through the expenses and lack of results that we have
This would be a co-parenting arrangement where my husband and I can absorb the bulk of the heavy lifting (diapers, feeding, daycare, etc.) but you could visit and care for the child whenever you like.
We are an educated, professional, Caucasian couple who can provide for the child(ren). We're currently in the DC area.
We would use my husbands sperm. He's a former professional athlete, a member of Mensa, and passed the Counsyl family genetic history test with no issues.
If you see the value in this arrangement, we're available for a no-obligation virtual or in person meeting to answer any questions you may have.

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traci72    200

The ONLY reason that I'm approving this post, is to be as crystal clear as absolutely possible to you and any other "person" out there that thinks this is even remotely anything like surrogacy. IT IS NOT!! Not in any sense of the word and to even try to give this an attachment to the surrogacy community does more of a disservice to those that understand, value and care about surrogacy. Those that understand the LAWS that are present in many, many states that clearly spell out what surrogacy is. If you're husband is nearly as intelligent as your claim of Mensa is supposed to indicate, then he would have been smart enough to even briefly take a look at the laws where you live. Would have given an ounce of effort to at least GOOGLE what surrogacy it. At NO TIME does surrogacy involve co-parenting. NEVER!


This board does not exist for people to try and skirt the laws of where they live or try to put people in questionable situations. This is an absolutely PERFECT illustration as why psych evals are REQUIRED, and the red flags that would eliminate people from being able to move forward. This takes a Lifetime movie to a whole new level. This is def. not the site for you if this is what you think you're going to try and do.


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