Maximum gestational surrogate age

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Proudmama5    0

Hello. I'm new to this page. I am 45 yrs old and interested in becoming a gestational surrogate. Does anyone know of any agencies that will accept surrogates at age 45?

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traci72    200

Unless you have been a GS w/in the last couple of years, chances are that you will not be approved by an RE to carry at 45. While there are surrogates in their 40's (I myself just delivered my last surrogate pg the end of January at age 44), all have either recently delivered (w/in the last 1-4yrs) their own or a surrogate baby. The "exceptions" to the rule on this would be if you were carrying for your DD, a niece, relative of some sort. Unfortunately, unless there is more than what you've shared, I'm sorry to say that you're odds of being turned down is almost a guarantee.


*I work as a program coordinator and none of the RE's that we work with would approve you on age alone right now.

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