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AmyH    0

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this website so I'm not too sure if I have done this correct or not but I'm looking for some advice.

When I was 17, I was diagnosed with a rare form of cervical cancer called a rhabdomysarcoma. I had to undergo a full hysterectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It ruined my life. I have always dreamt of being a mother and just one day, it was ripped out of me. Literally.


6 years later, 5 years clear and being with my boyfriend for 18 months we are starting to discuss our options. We have undergone our tests and it's confirmed my ovaries aren't producing enough eggs to freeze but my boyfriends sperm count is amazing. Way above average. I have two sisters who are both willing to be my surrogate but E is married with two children and her husband doesn't seem very supportive with the idea but R has said since day one and her boyfriend is fully behind it. I've been quoted at least £10,000 to do the egg donor, the IVF (as I got rejected for it) and to freeze any embryos if it produces more than one. If it fails the first time, I will have to pay £1,000 each time to insert the frozen embryo into the surrogate.. something I can't afford to do as I'm saving up for a house, etc.

What my question is really, has anyone ever done DIY with the sperm? I've been told there are risks for the surrogate as it will be her egg used and her body can get attached to the baby. It will save a lot of money in the long run but I just wanted to see if anyone has actually done it themselves and what the outcome was.

I hope this is okay to ask

AmyH x

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traci72    200

We can not advise you because you are in the UK and your laws are vastly different there. If you do a simple Google search, you will find lots of answers. I did a simple Google search for you "traditional surrogacy laws in the UK" and have come up w/the following. I would strongly urge you to slow down and do an enormous amt of your own research before even remotely moving forward. You should also contact COTS as well as an attorney for legal advice about your proposed arrangement, legal implications and attempting home insems.

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