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Hi everyone. I am just beginning the search phase of finding a surrogate mother for the purpose of bringing an angel into the world. I will be a single mother. I live in Tennessee and I have not found a great agency to use yet. When is the best time to start? I am getting a settlement soon which I will be using to finance this adventure. What advice can anyone give me about this service when choosing a surrogate gestational mother? I also would need a sperm donor. I hope to meet someone who gives the gift of life.


Hello. I am a single woman and I am searching for the right program to find the right match. I haven't found the right agency as of yet. Is there any IP who have been successful with this and what was the cost? I will be paying in full the costs but I am weary of heartbreak. Any advice? Can I begin before my funds are released next year?



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combined your 2 posts. The other would have gotten lost in someone else's thread.

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