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4dp5dt Opinions on symptoms??

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KendraRain    0

Hello everyone! I am  new here and jusy found this group. I am a first time surro and had our first transfer friday sept 15th (2017). 

I am currently 4dp5pt. We transferd 2 AA + grade embabies . 1 boy and 1 girl. One was already beginning to hatch the other was fully  expanded and almost ready to hatch. I have posted in other groups and i get the same thing always " its your medication " . Sense friday ( day of transfer) a few hours after transfer i started to get very light cramps. Sense then they have gotten more intense daily, i habe began to sleep ALL the time ( i LITTERLY cant stay awake), i have began getting neausea on and off sense day 3pt , dizzy spells on and off , and a pulling sensation with the cramping. 

I have been on Injectable meds for over a month ( estrogen) and PIO for 6 days before transfer.  My meds gave me no symptoms at all. Nothing, no sore boobs, neausea, dizziness, headachs nothing. Not even the Doxy they had me on affected me. So im pretty sure its not my meds. My IPs want me to test now but im still afraid its a little early... 

Have any of you had these symptoms with twins Or even a singleton this early ? Should i start testing yet ? .... 

TIA  for the advice

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beachalice    24


If your IPs want you to test, then test :)

If the home test is positive, you can be cautiously optimistic. You still have 36+ weeks to go!

If the home test is negative, don't give up hope and definitely don't change your med protocol. Maybe try again in about 2 days. 

When is your beta scheduled?

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