PacificSource Idaho/Oregon plans

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D&J2017    1

Hello to everyone,

I would need your help once again this time the question is about health plans.

Our GC is actually living in ID and our plan is that the delivery will be in Ontario, OR just because is quite near from where she lives now, Boise.

We are setting her up a new health plan, due to she has moved from another state and now she is able to purchase a new health plan but we would like to ask if someone know if PacificSource’s plans there (ID/OR), have allowed the surrogacy or if, on the contrary it is considered as an exclusion. We have been looking for information but didn’t find anything so, any help will be already welcomed.

Also if someone knew about some other plans in which both states would be in the same network, that would be very helpful for us.

Thank you so much in advance for all your help, any information will be very useful for sure.


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traci72    202

I'm sorry there isn't any feedback. I'm unfamiliar w/out there, so I'm no help.

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