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the best gift in my live

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alicemiller    0

Hello everybody is a pleasure write again in this forum. I have received the best gift. I feel so blessed.
Finally I have a donor eggs. I never imagined that my best friend would help me with this dream.

My closest friend was my donor, she is 34 years old and has been able to be a mother twice, the first child was obtained in the first month of having tried with her husband and the second without even looking for him. That's why I think your eggs can be good.

It was a very big surprise that he offered to do that for me. I will always be very pleased. This has changed my life. Finally I began my treatment with the help of an excellent clinic. I could not have a better option than that.

I am so excited so happy and excited, since it only takes a few days to know if the eggs really worked.

I hope everything goes well for the others.




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traci72    202

Have you found a surrogate for this? If you are doing the IVF for yourself, you might find other infertility boards more helpful. If you will be using a surrogate, then you are in the right place.

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