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We are from the U.K. and have been lucky enough to find a surrogate who’s pregnancy is covered by her own insurance (as well as her being a wonderful woman). Our agency is now pushing us to engage the services of an insurance expert who will apparently review the medical bills and assist in the resolution of billing claims and issues, they have explained that there are often mistakes in billing to the benefit of the insurance company which the experts will pick up on and resolve. The cost for this is in the region of $1500, not astronomical but significant. This is a bit confusing for us, our experience of medical insurance has up to now been very limited,  could anyone assist with their advice of whether this is a worthwhile service or a good price for it if is? 

Thank you

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Where is your surrogate located? I think that will play a big part in the decision making on this, but I will say that from my experience here in the US, dealing not only w/my own insurance for my own journeys, but also from the other side and helping the surrogates w/my agency deal w/insurance, I will respectfully disagree. I've never had an issue w/my insurance company when it has come to billing and mistakes being made in their favor. If anything, I've found maybe 2-3 errors over 4 surrogacies, where the error was in OUR favor. 

As a program coordinator, I've helped (really the company we use procures it) a number of surrogates w/having to deal w/additional insurance. One of the levels of service that this company offers, is what you are describing. In almost 2yrs I've been working for this agency, not once has this been an issue for our surrogates....ever. We've dealt w/insurance companies in TX, MN, UT, CA, WI and now w/AK. If this is something that your agency is really pushing, I would be concerned about what kind of kick backs they might be getting or how it benefits them, and what kinds of issues that they are encountering. I'm not going to say that it is not worth it and I've seen a number of surrogates and IP's that HAVE had insurance problems, but to characterize it as "most" insurance companies are like this, I think is not accurate. 

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