Egg donation HELP!!! info would be great

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bonbon1981    0

I am new. I thought I would post on here. I live in southern california.

today I met with an R.E. (dr. John Norian- Huntington Rep. Center; So. California).

This will be my 4th IVF cycle (10 yrs ago, I had 3 failed cycles- I was 24 y/o). I have severe endometriosis. I was a poor responder in regards to the amount of eggs I got in my cycles. In addition to the eggs I got endo cysts. at the time of being 24 y/o I got about 7 eggs at the most. 

Today we decided that since my other cycles didn't go that well, in regards to the amount of eggs. We would use donor eggs with an IVF cycle. 

- with Donor eggs & IVF cycle. How exactly does it work? If anyone is familiar with the process?

what costs do I cover? in regards to the donor?

I was wondering if any other ladies have gone through IVF using donor eggs what was your experience? Which agency did you use? I got a list with a 4 agencies-

1) Egg Donor America. 2) Gifted Journeys. 3) Peas in a Pod. 4) Global Egg donation.

with the agency I am not sure which agencies have really good reviews.

are there any other agencies that are located In southern California?

Any information would be great.







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DragonDad    15

Hello - I have worked with an Egg Donor and Surrogate previously.  Here is a list of costs to consider for Egg Donation:

-Egg Donor Compensation Fee: $5000-$10,000+

-Egg Donor Agency Fee: $4000-$10,000

-Travel Costs: $0 - $5000

-Complications Insurance: $200-$500

-Contracts between Intended Parents and Egg Donor: $2000-$4000 (you pay for the Egg Donor's attorney)

-Background Check: $100-$300

-Psych Eval: $300-$750

-Escrow Agency: $500-$1000

-All of the IVF Clinic costs related to Egg Retrieval and Embryo creation- which may include ICSI, PGS, plus standard meds, protocols, med screening, etc.: $15,000-$35,000+ 



I have not worked with any of the agencies that you have mentioned.  There are a couple clinics in California that have egg donors - San Diego Fertility, Western Fertility Clinic.  The owner of Gifted Journeys is also the President of Society of Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy. 

I am sure there are other egg donation agencies in Souther California.  There are also companies that have egg donors all over the country as well.  

Did you ask Dr. Norian for any recommendations on egg donor agencies?


I'm happy to answer other questions, if I can.




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bonbon1981    0

Hi Dragon Dad,

Thank You for responding back. I appreciate it. This information helps.

I am thinking I might consider Either Gifted Journeys OR Genesis Egg Donation & Surrogacy Group. Both agencies: the owners are President & vice president of Society for Ethics for Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS).

Genesis got all positive reviews on YELP. The COO is president of Society for Ethics for Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS).

with choosing an agency, you have to be really careful.


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