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Here We Go!!!!

Posted by hollibraasch  , 12 May 2008 - 11:06 PM

Well, here goes. To get a history on me, I'm 26 (27 in September). I was born and raised near St. Paul, MN. Lived here all my life. I am married ( 1 year in March :heartburn:/> ). I have 2 boys, Jack is almost 6 (august) and Trevor is almost 2 (July). I loved being pregnant, except for the end being in the middle of the summer!! As for my journey at this point, I have been matched with IP's. It moved really quickly. I am working with an agency here in MN. I had to get all my paperwork, medical history, psych eval, etc. My contact at the agency got everything and actually started circulating my profile on a Friday. She would be out of the office the next week, so I didn't expect to hear anything until at least the next Monday. I was incredibly surprised when the next Friday (one week later) I got a call from someone else at her office called me and said they had a couple who wanted to talk with me! I was like "What?!" so we set it up that the potential IP's and I would have contact on Monday. I learned that they (for privacy reasons "P" and "M") are from Tokyo, Japan. It was wierd, since it was 9:00 am our time and about 11:00 pm their time!! Anyway, I learned why they were seeking surrogacy and we discussed the ins and outs of every conceivable possibility related to a pregnancy. Wow, way to many possibilities!! We pretty much agreed on every subject brought up. I talked with my agent after we had all talked and they asked me if i needed some time to think about it and I said, "Uh, no. I like them." The IP's were supposed to contact their agent by wednesday and when I didn't hear anything that night, I was thinking, this is just too good to be true, they're not going to pick me, it would just be too easy. But I heard the next morning that they liked me too!! :bliss:/>

I was contacted by someone from the IP's clinic in Chicago (I'm in MN). I was put on birth control to help sync my cycle. The next thing we had to do, was wait.... My agency sent the gestational carrier agreement to the IP's for approval. My husband and I met with the lawyer last Thursday, (May 8th) to go over the agreement. With a few minor tweaks to verbiage, it was all good. It was sent off to the IP's and now we wait. I am very excited about this. I have prayed that this will work, for these wonderful people. I know they've been through a lot and i just want this to work for them so much!! Of course, it will be fun to be pregnant again, too!!

I have gotten mostly very supportive responses from family and friends so far. My best girl firend is, of course, very supportive. Surprisingly to me, my sister-in-law, mother-in-law and neighbor all think it's a great thing. My mom, thinks it's a little weird, i guess. My brother-in-law, maybe just doesn't understand, but he's been talking to my husband at work (they work together). I'm not really sure how to explain to people, who don't get it when I try to explain the first time.

I am very excited for this journey and I welcome any questions/suggestions/comments!!
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