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1st RE appt went great!

Posted by IMinNY  , 20 March 2007 - 10:06 AM

Despite the snow, Ursula made it in okay, just 45 mins late, which at a NY airport is practically a miracle these days. Heh. We picked her up at 5:30 Sunday evening, then came to our house for a brief meeting with the dogs and a house tour. She was the first person to sit down at our dining room table! It wasn't because I was being pretentious, it was cause our kitchen table wobbles like crazy and we'd have spilled our tea. (Brian was supposed to fix it yesterday but he forgot) After spending about an hour here, we all went out to dinner at Crabtree's Kittle House, which was good as always. It wasn't the best meal I have ever had there, but it was still very decent and the bottle of wine was really good. She was staying there as well (it's a B&B) so we checked out her room, which was lovely in that very antique-y way that we like. She liked it too, and was especially intrigued by the huge carve mahogany 19th century piano (!!) that they had the TV set sitting on.

We had a great conversation, just basically getting to know one another better, and talking a lot about our families, and how to raise kids in this day and age, etc. She's really great and we both get along very well with her...she and her hubby are definitely people we'd choose to be friends with! We all had a jolly evening and said good night around 11PM. Monday picked up Ursula at 8:30 AM and we headed up to Yale for her 10AM appointment. Everything went really well at the doctor's appointment yesterday, which included the screening by the RE, as well as the sonohystorgram, which she swore was not uncomfortable! I also got to meet with the finance person and the third party reproduction coordinator, and got the overview of both my protocol and Ursula's. We were there for three hours (!) but at least now we're almost entirely ready to start the process. Just a few more blood tests and stuff, and then we wait for CD21 in April for Ursula, and I start my meds (all injections, yuck, three different ones every day) shortly thereafter. All looks good for a May transfer!

No pics of us together yet, for no good reason other than that we didn't think of taking any! Sorry, will definitely remedy that when she's here next, which might be in April as they really want to bring the whole family up to see the city (only her husband has ever been to NYC). She doesn't really want to travel much once she's pregnant, which is a wise choice IMPO. We will of course be going to NC several times during the pregnancy though and will take LOTS of pics then!

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