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Went to Ct Fertility

Posted by MelissaR  , 25 January 2007 - 09:31 AM

Yesterday I skipped work and drove to Ct Fertility for my pre cycle screening. I had blood work and a sonohystogram. They even checked my urine for nicotine! I left the office heading back north and got a call saying they forgot to do something and I had to turn around and drive back just so they could get my height weight and blood pressure! Ugh.
I have been on BCPs for one week now. The contract was signed early last week.
I spoke to Chris and Will last night to let them know I went to my appt. Chris had his testing done last week. Sounds like we should be transferring in March. Amie said she wants to come with me.
Tonight Jagger has his social skills class. I hope I can get some work done while hes in there.
I was asked by Circle to attend a meeting of gay couples to discuss my surrogacy journey and feelings. I suppose I need to give some thought to what I should say.

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