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Medical Exam - for screening at least

Posted by alittlebit26  , 16 September 2007 - 08:56 AM

I finally have my doctor's appointment scheduled for next Wednesday. That (I think) should be the last step before finally getting to select a set of IPs and hopefully become matched. The paperwork that came with all the medical kit stuff I need to bring to the doctor says that the screening is only good for 6 months, so that means its likely I will be matched in that time. I am hoping for much faster than that but its the first time I actually have a timeline for things to be moving. I keep reading about all these women who are now in the two week wait and I can't imagine it is TOO much worse than the incredible waiting I have already been doing. Though I really dont know since neither of my children were planned ahead of time so it was never a wait and see with them... they just were.

Its hard for me to feel like I am part of this surrogacy world since I have no news to share with any part just yet. I don't have any contracts going, I am not matched, I don't have any tentative transfer date, nor any meds happening. I am taking folic acid but that's nothing unusual for any woman to be taking.

My DH seems to feel happier about this whole process than he did in the beginning. I think having taken my time going through everything is allowing him the time to become adjusted to the whole idea. In fact, I think he has now warmed up quite well to the prospect of having my pregnant body back :blush:/> without the stress of coming sleepless nights and crying baby(ies). :onebaby:/>

I am very excited about the whole thing and am enjoying every minute rather than rushing through it. Who knows if I will ever do this again... no one ever knows for sure how this will affect my life and my family. I just hope its all for the better.

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22 September 2007 - 03:10 PM
Congrats on the upcoming med. screening and the process almost being done! Yes, it is just about as hard as the 2WW. As I'm sure you've read enough times, this is the "hurry up and wait" game. You hurry up and wait for the apps, screenings and such. Then it's hurry up and wait to get matched, hurry up and wait to start meds, hurry up and wait for the transfer, then the dreaded 2WW, hurry up and wait for the beta.....oh my goodness, it just seems to go on sometimes!!

I felt the same way you do about not feeling really a part of the community at this point. It took me some time after I joined to really start feeling comfortable in posting. We are all somewhere in the surro journey and all had to start from where you're at. Remember that we're all here for you now matter how early you are into your own journey. I'm enjoying reading your blog and hope you'll keep it up and post TONS!!! You'll be matched before you know it and moving forward again!!!
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