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Now we wait...

Posted by alittlebit26  , 29 September 2007 - 08:18 AM

I finally had all my doctor's appointments and the lab work done and sent off to CSP. They must have received the results by now, but as of Tuesday when I called, they were still waiting. My DH didn't actually send his off until Wednesday so his won't come in until next week, but his aren't as important in the moving forward portion. I also sent in all my paperwork and my profile etc which they received on Thursday. Everything seemed to be in order and ready to move on to the actual matching phase until....

I got a phone call on my way to a wedding on Friday night. They didn't agree with something that was on my papework I sent in and I had to explain why I had chosen what I had chosen. The person I talked to had to discuss it with the director and get back to me. She didn't call me back until I was already at the wedding and didn't tell me what they had determined on the voice mail so now I have to wait until Monday to call her back and see what the end result is. Ugh...

My mother in law is one of the few people that know about this journey and she decided to discuss it with me a bit at the wedding. I don't think anyone else knew what she was talking about but if they did, its only a short matter of time before we make it public anyways. We didn't want to share anything until we were matched with a couple because who knows what can happen until that point and we don't want to have to explain to our large family that we "changed our minds" or whatever.

Onto the weekend and then on Monday will hopefully have an answer to the discussion on Friday and moving on to the matching phase....finally!!


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