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Betas, Ultrasounds and Tests oh my!

Posted by alittlebit26  , 11 July 2008 - 12:48 PM

Ok, so the pregnancy tests were able to give me the heads up that I was pregnant - :bliss:/> ! Then came the betas. I had the first beta 11dp6dt and it came back at 509 (wow!). Second beta was 14dp6dt and came back at 1383 - ok, doubling, but not too fast. Third beta came back 16dp6dt and it was 2503 - ok, we have slowed down the doubling - slightly worried. Date was given for the ultrasound for the 14th of July. Ugh, too far to wait.. But I can do it. On the night of the 6th I started feeling some cramping, a bit more painful than what I had in the past several weeks. Went into the bathroom to check things out and was terrified to see bright red blood. :cry:/> I had one minor spotting episode about a week and a half earlier, but it was brown blood - old blood that didn't make me worry about anything. This was bright red, new blood. And there was a bit more than spotting going on. Coupled with the cramping I was petrified. Of course I immediately went online and started researching, finding both good and bad things that could be happening. I drank some water, laid down for a bit and tried to just relax. I went into the bathroom every 15 minutes to see if there was still more bleeding. About every other time I went into the bathroom there was new blood. My husband told me to call the doctor. I felt it wasn't going to be worth it. If I was losing this pregnancy there was nothing they could do to stop it and I didn't want to spend the final hours of my 4th of July weekend at the hospital making everyone panic. So I went to bed and hoped it would just go away.

Monday morning (July 7th) I got up to get ready for work - first thing I did was check for new bleeding. There wasn't any. Excellent! At this point, the total amount of blood didn't seem significant enough to mean a miscarriage to me. I got ready for work and headed out once the kids were in daycare. Got to work and the cramping started again. I ran immediately to the bathroom and darn it there was more new blood. Of course, I went back to my desk and decided it was time to call the RE and see what they suggest I do, knowing full well there isn't anything. But maybe they will let me go to the ultrasound earlier to see if something else might be going on. I called and that is exactly what they wanted me to do. I called the hospitals in the area and was able to get an ultrasound appointment for that same day. Phew.

1:00pm comes around and its time to see what's going on. The ultrasound technician is doing her scanning, her picture taking and her note writing. No words are coming out of her mouth. Because I have a retroverted uterus this is never an easy task for an ultrasound tech. An hour goes by and I am almost falling asleep. At one point I notice that she seems to be trying to track a heart rate based on the timing of the clicks on her mouse :hb:/> (I can't see the screen mind you). She tells me she wants to verify that she has gotten enough pictures with another tech. This is common for me… not sure why my uterus is so difficult, but it is. I ask her at this point if there is any information she can give me. All she tells me is that she did find one sac. Ok good - I have one baby in there (no twins, phew). So far so good - didn't lose it. The other technician comes in and starts reviewing the pictures. I hear 5w5d and 6w. Still sounds great to me, I was 5w6d at this point, so right on track. "There is the gestational sac" I hear her say, and "there is the yolk sac" I hear. These are all wonderful sounds to me. She takes an extra couple of pictures and then tells me I can get dressed and they will come back after reviewing the pictures. At this point I am wondering what the heck is causing this awkwardness… I have never had them review the pictures this many times. What are they seeing??

I get dressed and am allowed to empty my bladder (thank god). I am sitting out in the waiting area when the two ladies come back to get me. We need to do one more picture they tell me. So now I am done with being in the dark - I asked what was going on. The doctor on staff wanted them to re-verify the heart rate. Ok, heartbeat noted, excellent - still sounding good. I get back on the table and watch the two ladies taking turns getting the heart rate. This is another 15 minute process.. How hard can this be?? They ask me to wait for just a minute, they are going to get the doctor. I am ready to get up and deck someone at this point, there is too little information being shared. The doctor comes in and watches as the girls verify for the 300th time the heartrate. Ok, so its low he says. Ranging from 75-89. Oh NO! I know that babies are supposed to be up in the mid 100's. This is awful! I feel my face go flush and my heartrate skyrocket. The doctor leaves and the techs just look at me. I get the "I'm sorry"s and the gentle touch on the knee (seeing as I am still on the darn table). I asked, ok, what does this mean?? She told me that my doctor will receive the report in the next day or so and that I should call them to find out exactly what this means.

I left the hospital completely down and prepared for a miscarriage to come shortly. I start wondering how the heck I am going to break this terrible news to my IPs. IM is on vacation and IF is home on his own working over time for his own company. They are currently over the moon knowing a baby is on its way and this is going to crush them. I am so upset, I completely forget that I have not eaten lunch and proceed to complete my work day on empty.

I posted my dilemma on the AAS board in hopes that there is a positive outcome that might still happen and that I won't have to tell my IPs that their hopes are about to be put on hold for a while. There were no surviving embryos from the fresh transfer that we just did, so they would have to decide if going through that all over again (from France) would be worth it. This just wasn't seeming like a happy ending. I read all the responses to my posting and find that there is still hope. The heart may have just started beating and will increase as the days go on. I see light!

The next day I get the phone call (first thing in the morning thankfully) from the REs office. Dr. M does acknowledge that the heartrate was a bit low, but ( in my head I am thinking there's a but I can't believe it!!) he also acknowledges that the ultrasound was really early and the heartrate is always low that early. I am dancing on air hearing this. Here I was thinking that this result was a guaranteed loss and yet I still have hope. They told me to get another ultrasound the following week to follow up. So now its just a wait and hope that the little ones heart rate jumps up to a wondering 120 or better!! I was able to get the appointment for the 15th at 11:00am. So now its just on to the waiting again. The cramping and bleeding ended that same day and now I just feel pregnant. Slightly ill (though nothing to complain about), tired, larger chest (excellent perk!!!) and minorly expanding middle - pudge I call it. Oh I hope this works out well… I can't stand to break their hearts. :crossfingers:/> :pray:/>

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