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#655375 I just had to share. So thoughtful of the intended father!

Posted by OrigamiMomme on 28 April 2015 - 09:45 PM

The intended father of the babies I'm carrying is such a blessing to us right now. I've been so sick (morning sickness and a virus at the same time) and unable to do much at all and still barely able to eat. DH has been working his normal hours (thankful that he telecommutes for his job!), cleaning the house, making dinner, and doing anything he can to help me rest and feel better. Well, the intended father knew that I've been so sick so in addition to sending flowers, he is having our agency order dinner and have it delivered for a few nights this week so that DH doesn't have to worry about making dinner after work everyday. This was such a sweet and unexpected surprise!

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#653342 Just throwing this out there?

Posted by itsonlyk on 04 March 2015 - 09:27 PM

You've all taught me so much.  Seriously, I've been reading, researching, learning about this ENTIRE journey for 3+ years.  And I want you to know that so far ... there is one thing I know I NEED To do.  The INSTANT I am cleared for this journey 100% and I have entered into the 'contract phase'........  I am going to begin ordering pregnancy tests on amazon, ebay, walmart, etc.  I will be well stocked.  Every time I pee , I will pee on a stick.  And I thank you for making me realize that BEFORE that day comes.  

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#654038 Miracle Baby!

Posted by Secondtimesurro on 20 March 2015 - 04:37 AM

I now can post here feeling a lot more confident about this pregnancy. 2 months and 5 days ago, we went to a transfer and I was greeted by IP's that had teary eyes and were shattered. The RE just told them, they might want to consider cancelling the transfer, since our 2 surviving embys where" horrible" quality. Not just bad, but horrible. 5 day embys, 12 cell not hatched not even  morula stage yet. We transferred them anyways.


They were my IPs last 2 frozen little guys and making more is not possible, since IM can't do that. Donation has never been an option either. Nobody actually expected anything. 5 days later, a superlight positive test and another 3 days later a very low Beta were to follow. Numbers did double, but they were still low. 


First ultrasound revealed one tiny bit of a baby with heartbeat and everything. But it also revealed a really bad SCH. Bleeding on and off for the next few weeks and always a bitter taste to see the doc. 


So for the past 5 weeks, we been seeing the RE every week. And every week the same " the clot is still there, its still bleeding" issue. 


Fast forward yesterday. Hitting 11w and 2 d, we had a normal ultrasound and baby is amazing. The clot is gone, yes GONE. Baby jumps up and down like a little frog and everything looks amazing. 


Released to OB/GYN. Only 2 more half dose PIOs to go. Baby, we are well on our way. 



I'm hoping that our story is a reminder to everyone that in IVF, everything can happen. Crappy embys can turn to beautiful little babys, and low Betas mean nothing. 


SO to all my fellow Surros out there: You can totally rock this. :-) 

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#659896 My Surro Twins have arrived

Posted by slyngh on 26 October 2015 - 07:04 PM

We were set for an induction on 10/27, but apparently these twins could not wait.  The daddies flew in on Friday the 16th, we spent a few days together having fun.  We had an ultrasound, doctor appointment, and NST monitoring scheduled for Wednesday the 21st.  We had a great ultrasound and the daddies loved seeing the babies on the screen.  We went in for my appointment with my doctor and my BP was elevated.  She asked if I'd had any more swelling then normal, and I said no, she pulled up my pant leg and we noticed that yes, I indeed did have quite a bit of swelling, I just hadn't noticed.  She then kicked the daddies out to check how much I was dilated, I was at a 1 almost 2, she decided to strip my membranes and said she was going to be fairly aggressive with it.  Holy crap, was that an understatement!  Now I was at a 4.  She then tells me she is going to send me to L&D for some monitoring, and we were just going to cancel my NST monitoring.  She said that I was pre-eclamptic, but had no other symptoms.  They did bloodwork and everything came back in the normal ranges.  We got over to L&D and I get hooked up and before we were even completely hooked up, someone comes in and says "oh yeah we are admitting her, she's having these babies today"  Uh, what?????  I found out later that my doc told the dad's they were going to have their babies, to me she just said I was going for monitoring!


And of course my hospital bag was in my car in my driveway, I rode with the daddies, and their bag was at their rental house.  LOL.  We had lunch plans too.  HA.


I got to my labor room about 2:00, my mom was there waiting along with my youngest DS (3 years old), all of our daycare plans for my kids were for the following week and completely useless for this day.  I opted for an epidural early on.  I am not a fan of labor pains and I take the easy way out.  ;-)  After a few hours they started Pitocin, because I was stuck at a 5, 80%, and a -1.  It seemed even with the pitocin I was still there for a few hours, finally they found that I had scar tissue acting as a band around my cervix from a leep procedure I had done years prior.  After they "massaged" that away, we progressed to a 7, and then an hour or so later they checked and I was at a 10.  So off to the OR for delivery. They allowed my DH at my head as my support person and both daddies farther back near the wall to see their babies.  Baby Girl Charlotte took one push and she was born weighing in at 5lb 12.4oz at 4:01AM Thursday, October 22nd.  Baby Boy was breech and came out feet first with 4 pushes weighing in at 5lb 15.6oz at 4:05AM, Thursday, October 22nd.  So we had them at 36w4d.  (5/6 days earlier then our planned induction)


Both babies are so perfect and beautiful! Both Daddies are totally and completely in love with their new bundles of joy.  They are so attentive and worried to do something wrong.  In the hospital we had separate rooms, but we spent the majority of the time in each others rooms anyway.  I was nursing and pumping in  the hospital and since they were considered late-pre term, they also supplemented formula.  I helped out each night with the babes as I would nurse first and then they would give them either pumped colostrum or formula.  

We stayed in the hospital until Saturday.  My BP was up and down the entire stay and swelling still considerable, they did more bloodwork and everything looked good, so I was discharged same day as the twins just a few hours behind them.  


We also had the film crew in the hospital, she was allowed to film limited hours, I think just 4 hours of labor and then the next day just an hour in recovery.  She was much more respectful of our privacy this time then she had been in the past  They (Daddies) had also hired a birth photographer and I really liked him, he did such a great job.


I have spent quite a bit of time with the daddies and twins since being home.  Even Saturday after going home, I got home and spent some time with my boys and the film crew came over to film my return home and with final questions/comments.  And then I pumped and brought it to the twins and we had dinner together and I was there for a good 4 hours I nursed the babies and hung out with the daddies.  Sunday, my family was having our annual Pumpkin Carving (parents are just as involved as kids in my family, there was 8 children and 10 adults there) and the daddies and babies came and spent the afternoon/evening together.  Then, this morning I took the milk I had pumped through the evening and spent another almost 4 hours with the daddies hanging out and then helping them feed and change babies and get them ready for their first doctor appointment.  Then I spent the rest of today relaxing on the couch at home.  My DH took all of this week off of work to help me out and make it so I can spend time with the new family.


All in all we are doing great, the twins are adorable and I love to watch the daddies with them, it re-inforces why I have done this and makes me so happy.  I love being able to spend this time with the daddies and watching them with their new bundles.


This Friday one of the Daddies parents are flying in for a week long visit.  I have met all of their parents over Skype the last few days, and it is interesting as none of them speak English, and I do not speak French.  It will be interesting when the parents get here.  :-)  We were supposed to attend a baby shower this last Saturday that was being put on by a few of my friends for me, the dads, and babies, but since we were just being discharged after them coming early we postponed to this coming Sunday.  So it has been fun making do with the few things they have and waiting for the things they are to receive at the shower.


This is my story.  I cannot wait to do it again, it is the most fulfilling thing I think I have ever done (with the exception of my own children's births).  My agency told me that our clinic will only allow 6 births and this was my 5th, so I only have one more journey left in my body.  One of my IFs is wanting more children, but the other IF is not sure.  We decided that we will discuss the possibility of a sibling journey next year when my DH and I travel to Luxembourg for the twins first birthday (or close to the birthday).  If at that time they want to do another journey no matter if it is soon or years out, I will wait for them.  Otherwise if they decide they do not want a sibling journey, I will have my agency re-list me.

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#649740 Hurt, sad, and mad

Posted by traci72 on 06 November 2014 - 04:57 PM

And I am asking... I don't think I would enter any journey with complete trust.. that's asking for a whole slew of problems!  I just feel they could come up with any reciept. I have heard many stories. Why can't you even put a cap of 100k on it? Or however much you make a year? why OPEN to millions? The IP is already responsible for all charges.. An open cap could be decades of paying their bills. Perhaps when  you say cap you don't mean money but weeks?  Of course I would be responsible for this other family and want the best for them but to put it into a contract that they could potentially charge me millions when they only took 5 days off and are lying seems very very bad mojo.


It seems very hard to find support for the IP in these forums. I think this place should equally think of the scams and horrible losses IP's also incur and that they too should be protected in a contract. It would be nice to feel this is a safe place to discuss these things.

Out of all of your posts, I think this one is incredibly offensive. "Entering any journey w/complete trust" is "asking for a whole slew of problems"?!?! How in the "eff" are you coming up w/"open to millions"??? Honestly, my 1st thought was what were you smoking to pull that out of, well, I won't mention where. And your statement " but to put it into a contract that they could potentially charge me millions when they only took 5 days off and are lying seems very very bad mojo" really tells me exactly the kind of IP that you'd be, and frankly, I feel badly for any surro, at this point, that might match w/you.


As for your unfounded comments at the end, You are so far off the mark and apparently pretty good at exaggeration. I can't even calmly address the "stories" you seem to have concocted to try and justify your obvious mistrust of all surro's. I'm not going to bust my ass continuing to point out the real truth to you or direct you to the many threads here that prove so many of your statements false, because I don't think it would make a damn bit of difference in your mind. You have your stories and your judgment and that is all apparently you seem to want to focus on. Best of luck to you and I'll be praying for your poor surro, if you ever get to that point.

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#661427 Pee Sticks OH MY!!

Posted by GSinIN on 22 March 2016 - 02:10 PM

Show me your stash!!!!!



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#659586 The Lady has arrived......

Posted by Secondtimesurro on 11 October 2015 - 10:02 AM

Thanks Traci, you are pretty awesome yourself, woman :-)


Ill stick around here. As many people say, surrogacy can't be done in my state, that is false. I have done it twice. Now, yes, you can't make any profit and I never have, but to get a pre birth order has never been an issue. 


Maybe I can be of help for others. I also think, that my way shows many of you wonderful ladies, that there is always hope. Crappy embys mean nothing. There is always hope. Its never over till its over. 


I heard twice in this process " not going to work, it will just be another failed on my record." Obviously, he was wrong. You all should have seen his face at the first US when this little heart flickered like crazy. Priceless. 


I know many of you have had failed transfers, are in the process for one or just start the process. Some are about to deliver their hard work and change a family forever. Never loose hope, never give up. What all of you doing is amazing. You are all Superstars in my book. 


Love you all

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#657037 Sudden Regret from husband

Posted by traci72 on 30 June 2015 - 01:37 PM

It was my DH's suggestion that I look back into surrogacy (he knows it was something that had come up before we were together) and was incredibly supportive, but I admit that I was worried this was going to happen to him. Thankfully it didn't. I know that we can NEVER dictate when or how our feelings and emotions surface, and please don't think that I "hold it against him", think less of him, etc, etc, for having those feelings. My issue is that he waited until AFTER the transfer to say something. Now is not the time, and this is a HUGE reason why the psych eval is so incredibly important and when working through the contracts. All I could think about last night, trying to fall asleep, was that while yes, this sounds like it may be a challenge for your marriage, but really, what are the ramifications for your poor friends? If this is something that he can't get past, he is risking you (and I'm guessing you're pretty special and not worth losing), the friendship you BOTH have w/your friends and risking the potential resulting baby's legal and parentage status.


I also hope you know that this really is not about "you", but rather his own insecurities. For me (as well as my DH), there's a big difference between doing what we're doing (GS) vs a TS and doing like home insems. THAT creeps me out and I can "get it" more w/the freaking out of another guy's "stuff" all up in there. An IUI isn't as "creepy" to me, but it still is on some level...which is part of why it's beyond my comfort level. Doing a GS though, all of that is taken out of the picture and you can't possibly get any more "removed" from the process. I prayed last night and continue to do so, that your DH is able to get a grip on these feelings, get PAST these feelings, and to be fully onboard and supportive of the rest of the surrogacy for you. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us know how things go w/him.

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#656751 On The Fence

Posted by Mama-C on 18 June 2015 - 06:07 PM

All choices... all yours to make.


I believe it could limit the # of potential matches for you, but then again... you only need one, right?


A scenario to consider: You're working with the perfect couple - you've come to know and adore them over the multiple attempted embryo transfers and attempted surrogacy with their embryo (no donor egg); then they realize that the only way they're going to be successful at having a baby is to go with a donor egg and the husband's sperm. How would you feel about that? Would you bail on them because it was no longer 100% their bio child ('only' 50% - I say the 'only' tongue-in-cheek). 


For me, families are made in so many different ways. What a medical miracle it is to create embryos in the lab and be able to place them, safe and secure, in a surro's womb, where the little one(s) will grow until ready to be born and to go with his/her family. It's just really really cool! My own family was made partially with my first husband, and partially with my 2nd (whom, obviously, is not at all related to my older 3 kids - who live with us). It's a pretty darn good family, if I do say so myself, no matter the road it took to create that family.


Take your time, consider your options, really listen to that still small voice that is guiding you. I personally don't really like the way your post reads, because it sounds like you are someone unable or unwilling to let go of the 'control' which is necessary to be a surrogate. There is so much that is (and *should* be) up to the parents all throughout the process. I feel that if someone wants to be a parent, they should have the opportunity. If they can't do it by themselves, or they lost their reproductive parts due to cancer (or any of a million other scenarios), why shouldn't they be allowed to have a baby - a baby that has their spouse's genetics if possible - a baby that belongs to their family from day one - a baby that was *so* wanted that they went to these lengths to make that happen? 

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#656699 And we have........

Posted by slyngh on 18 June 2015 - 09:00 AM

We had an ultrasound yesterday at 18w3d and we found out the genders of the babies!  My IFs were so excited and super cute!  



and..........     :glit_itsaboy:  and.............. :glit_itsagirl:


This is double new for me (first never carried twins before, and second, I've never carried a girl before!  I have 4 boys of my own!).  We already knew one was a boy from the genetic testing we had done, but we had no idea if one or both was, so to hear that Baby A is a girl was so great!  I told everyone it was a boy and girl, but it was still so shocking to hear those words, I've never heard those words before!  LOL.


Baby Girl had some extra fluid in her brain, a cyst, but they believe it will dissolve on it's own, we are going to monitor it.


I also had an echocardiogram, which came out way better then I had it worked up in my head, just the murmur that we knew was present.  Phew!  And an OB visit, and both the nurse and doc told me I was the easiest patient of the day.


Next appointment July 6th for an ultrasound and OB appointment, and my IFs will be in town to attend!  Just 15 days until IFs get here for our short 4 day visit! So much to do before they get here!  And then try and cram everything into 4 days.

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#656601 no results for me today....

Posted by traci72 on 15 June 2015 - 10:45 PM

They deserve to be demoted or have their pay docked or something. You can't expect a board of surrogates to wait like this!

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#653249 Question about birth control

Posted by Mama-C on 02 March 2015 - 07:10 PM

:witch2:  Oh sweet, innocent itsonlyk...   :witch2:

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#650087 First 5 week ultrasound tomorrow 😊

Posted by SurroMom1 on 19 November 2014 - 07:53 PM

I have my first ultrasound tomorrow to see baby bean!! I will be 5 weeks and 1 day!! I am so excited and I can't wait to send pics to my IF!!!!
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#649619 babies!!!!

Posted by pearl on 01 November 2014 - 11:17 PM

all is well!


our induction was scheduled for 8 am... but i woke up at 4 in pain, no contractions. then around 4:30 BAM contraction after contraction! my mom drove me to the hospital while i tried to get in contact with my IF, who wasn't answering his phone nor texts!


by the time we got to the room i was just about dying. about 7 am i got an epidural, i was 5 cm dilated. then finally my IF responded - freaking out!! and he showed up very quickly, he just made it in time to miss me being the biggest grouch in pain ever.


nothing really happened for a few hours, and then i turned on the opposite side and immediately dilated to a 9 about 1:30 pm. they wheeled me down to the OR and i pretty much started pushing the second i got on the table. baby B (yes, B came out first) now dubbed #1 (no names yet!) came out after about 15 minutes of pushing. they were very concerned about baby A (#2) possibly turning or showing stress, but he moved right into position after his brother came out and 13 minutes of pushing popped him out too!


#1 (on the right, in the picture) weighed 5lbs 12oz. #2 weighed 5lbs 13oz. they are perfect, happy, healthy little dudes. and exactly the personalities i knew they'd have. #1 has always been really awake, always moving. #2 very quiet, barely moves. in the picture you can see #1 wide awake and #2 resting.


my IF was... i don't even know how to put it. completely beside himself. when #1 popped out and he came over to cut the cord, he was grinning ear to ear and SO calm it's crazy! he's a very bubbly, energetic guy normally! he had nothing to say, just beamed happiness all around. so. so. so. cool.

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#665320 Soo close!! Babies are being evicted on Monday!

Posted by Surromom360 on 21 May 2017 - 10:19 AM

Hey! I am so sorry it took me literally a week to get on here. Both babies are doing amazing!!! There was quite the controversy about delivery but everything turned out amazing at the end!! We are going to a soccer game today to see my niece play and then I will get on an actual computer and write it out for you all. It's a pretty interesting story! But babies are home with mom and dad now and they are just over the moon happy!
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#663170 Baby Girl Arrives Tomorrow

Posted by miamoo1 on 16 October 2016 - 09:15 AM

Doing great beachalice! Thanks for checking in. I'm feeling completely back to my pre pregnancy self now and resumed working etc. last week. I can't believe my journey is already over and that it's been 2 and half weeks since my IF's baby girl's birth...it all just flies by so fast:)

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#662919 Turn Baby Turn!!!

Posted by miamoo1 on 23 September 2016 - 12:33 PM

Success!! All went perfectly this morning and I dare say it's slightly more comfortable to have baby's head down and not pressing on my left rib cage or pushing up on my diaphragm any more:) I can breath again....AHHH!!


Thanks for ALL the good vibes ladies!!

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#662910 Cycling!! Would love to find some cycling/transfer buddies!

Posted by Surromom360 on 22 September 2016 - 10:31 AM

I got a squinter this morning!!!!!!!!!
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#662847 Ovulate through Lupron

Posted by Surromom360 on 17 September 2016 - 06:31 PM

Thank you! Transfer went great!! The doc said my uterus is nice and healthy and the embryos were both great quality! No pain at all during transfer. My only complaint is I had to have a full bladder so the nurse pushing on my bladder with the ultrasound and then having to wait 30 minutes before I could get up- I came close to peeing my pants. 😂
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#662515 Concern about IP's expectations

Posted by Babz on 04 August 2016 - 08:38 AM

Why are you even moving forward? You know that this is going to be a ride on the crazy train, but you keep waiting for someone else to get you off the hook. Just say no and move on.
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