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Kathleen is a wonderful wife and doting mother via GS. Her miracle baby Grace was born via surrogate (and best friend) in March of 2006 and she is actively on her way to journey for a sibling.

My name is Shauna. I am happily married to my DH for 8 yrs, together for 11. We have 1 beautiful daughter that was born to us through Traditional surrogacy. She was born in March 2005, and is the absolute light of our lives. We live in the province Alberta in Canada. I have been involved in the Surrogacy community since 2001. I am now a retired Former Intended Mother, but love to offer support, my friendship, or try to answer any questions anyone may have regarding surrogacy from an IM POV.

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Legalities of it all?

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Post icon  Posted 11 November 2005 - 09:36 PM

Dear Deb-
I have a quick question. My sister has offered to be my gestational surrogate. I know we still have to have legal documentation, but what if any difference is there if i were to have someone i didnt know as a surrogate? Should it be as difficult? I would think not, but then again i dont know. This will be our first try for her, my fourth of ivf myself. But we both are going to have my fresh eggs transfered in hopes that 1 of us will get pg. Thanks for any info.


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Posted 11 November 2005 - 09:39 PM

Hi Sharmayne!

I would say that no, your contract shouldn't be any different just because you know each other. If nothing else, your contract outlines everyone's expectations. Yes, some of the details will seem silly because you're family and know each other, but trust me ... you can't predict the future or relationships and it's so much easier to just refer to your contract to settle any issues you might have.

I'm of a mind, "better safe than sorry".

I wish you all the luck in the world in starting your family!

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