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Silence from Agency

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Guest_Lost GS_*
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Posted 23 October 2007 - 04:44 PM

I researched the mess out of agencies. I wanted to be sure to pick the right one! I saw soooooo many GS's and TS's and IP's on several places say how much they loved the place i choose.

And i admit that over all I like them. As a person I adore them.

I hate that sometimes I feel ignored. Back before we ever did IVF and i had some issue come up at the doc office during screening I emailed them, heard nothing. So i called them work at few days later (at the agency). Nothing. Then i tried the cell phone as a last ditch effort and nothing. It went 2 weeks without hearing anything only to finally get a call and be like "what did you need?" Um i left detailed messages. Well I figured it was fluke. That something had come up with their family or Maybe they had been ill or on vacation and forgot to tell me.

Now again its happening! I have heard nothing and I'm going nuts! I asked IP the other day if she got a copy of the doctor bill i had turned in and she said no. I have to pay it on the next visit which is coming up soon. IP has always been good about paying within so much time of learning of a bill so i had thought it odd that i hadnt received anything or heard from either the agency or the IP. UGH.

So anyways, i hope this ends soon and it goes back to how it was. I dont get it. I almost start to think its me or my email system (i do check the spam box) but everything else anyone sends me comes through and of course that doesnt account for the unanswered phone calls.

I promise I'm not needy and dont contact the agency over nothing! Its only over bills or if i have a question i cant answer elsewhere or back when we had issues with the doctors office. And I dont want to say the agency name and single them out or make them feel bad. I just want them to realize that when you are pregnant or potentially pregnant with SOMEONE elses baby you kind of NEED that communication!

Say thanks for the support and click on a banner ad!

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Posted 13 January 2008 - 05:18 PM

What agency did you use? Was it in Northern Illinois?

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