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Induction date tentatively set for 4/23

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#1 shakenbake



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Posted 15 April 2012 - 12:52 PM

So....where to start? lol

After all the drama with this pregnancy (hives, problems confirming pregnancy @ OB during 6w u/s, possible hydrops detected @ 13wk u/s, 2vc diagnosed and then changed back to a normal 3vc), I was hoping for smooth sailing through delivery for the 3rd trimester.


So at 35wks, I went in for a ultrasound (they have me under maternal fetal medicine because of my advanced age of 40 lol) and my amnio level was at 6, which was apparently on the lower lower end of normal. I rested and hydrated for a few days and returned for a follow up u/s at 35.5wk. It went down a little more to a little above 5< and I was thrown over to the hospital and admitted immediately. Totally messed up my day, and I was required to stay for observation overnight, and got out of an IV by promising to drink lots of water. Was told they would induced immediately if the level continued to drop (or get to less than 5) the next day. Scary. Ugh.

Scanned again the next morning (Wednesday), and levels now back up to 6, and got released! Was told to rest and hydrate, another scan Friday.

On Friday @ 36wks, scan showed levels closer to 7, but still considered on the lower level of normal. The only good news through all of this is that the baby measures well, and seems to be doing well regardless of the fluid levels. So at this point, the peri has recommended induction at 37 wks just to cut off any further potential issues that might result from the fluid levels.

IPs are in shock due to the rapidness of the impending birth lol, and so am I! I'm prepping like mad (so ok, I know Im supposed to be on bedrest lol) for their stay with us. They are arriving a little earlier 4/19 just in case, but we have tentatively picked out Monday 4/23 (baby will be 37w2d) for the induction. My out of state IPs and 4yo surro sister will be staying with us and it'll be a full house! IF will stay for about 2 weeks, but IM and sissy will stay for about a month...especially since baby will not be fullterm. I plan to breast feed for a few weeks, just so I can avoid engorgement pain :)

I'm getting lots of braxtons, but as of Friday, my cervix was soft but closed and posterior. I hope I respond well to the pitocin, and avoid a C section. The peri did say that because of lower fluid levels, the baby MAY not tolerate labor well, and if she is in any distress, it's a C section right away. It'll basically be a race of my labor to beat the baby. This is my 6th birth and last one, so I am HOPING it all wont end in a C section (but knowing how this pg has gone, it really wouldn't surprise me)!!

Good luck to all you ladies with your journeys, and I'll update you again soon....I'm only going to be pregnany for another week! :banana:

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Posted 15 April 2012 - 03:49 PM

Oh my! What a busy week you've had! Well, rest up and enjoy the time with your IPs while they are here. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the baby does well and a c-section is not needed. Good luck!

#3 tm501


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Posted 15 April 2012 - 05:18 PM

I hope you have an easy labor! FYI- with ym 2nd surro bub, the fluid was also on the lower end of normal. We decided to induce because everyone was there and the ob I really, really wanted was on duty. The baby responded fine to being induced and a mention of a c-section NEVER came up

#4 traci72


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Posted 15 April 2012 - 09:37 PM

You just aren't catching a break w/this one! Rest as much as you can, stay hydrated and sending ELV for you and hoping you can avoid a c-section. April 23 is both my bio-father's b-day as well as my nephew's b-day, so good day to be born on. Keep us posted!

#5 shakenbake



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Posted 17 April 2012 - 08:53 AM

Thanks guys! Just ordered my nursing bra, and I am all set to go! "See" you when I get back! :)

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