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Gestational Surrogacy and IVF Meds
A Summary of the IVF Meds used during and IVF Cycle

Part 2
So, exactly how many of these meds can a gestational surrogate expect to take?

As I have stated before, this question has several answers according to the clinic and the gestational surrogate herself. Everyone's body reacts differently to the meds and so the total amount will vary from person to person.

Total meds used by Dawn (@Sunrise) during her recent IVF cycle for H & C. (Resulted in a Baby Boy T, Born June 3, 2006)

35 BCP's
Lupron Shots 8@10Units & 15@5Units
12 Doxycycline Pills
6 Medrol Pills
1 Valium
15 PIO IM Shots
141 Estrogen Patches
82 Progesterone Suppositories
I did not count the daily baby aspirin nor the daily prenatal vitamin.

Here are the meds used during Trena's (TrenaT) recent cycle. She is a gestational surrogate for M & K.

6 weeks BCP
12 Lupron shots at 15 units
12 Lupron shots 10 units
Baby Aspirin Daily
Cipro- 5 days 10 pills
E2V- 3 weeks before transfer x2 a week .4cc til 10 weeks gest.
PIO 1cc daily 5 days pre transfer til 12 weeks
Progestrone/Estrogen supps daily from transfer til 12 weeks
400 mg Prometrium daily from 5 days pretransfer till 12 weeks
Medrol 8 mg for 12 days, 16 mg til about 6 weeks gest.
Folgard Daily
Erthromycin daily 10 days

Additonal Questions?
If you have any other questions that you need answered, you can register to become a member. Then post the question on the message boards where you can get answers from several experienced gestational surrogates. Another option is that you can just post a question on the "Ask a Gestational Surrogate" section. Registration is not required to post a question in this section and it will be answered by one surrogate.

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Information gathered from Several Community Members
If you have a list of meds from your cycle,
please mail them to
AAS username: @Sunrise

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