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Traditional Surrogacy
A Summary of the Traditional Surrogacy Process

So you have decided that surrogacy is something you would like to pursue, but you really aren't sure where to begin. I would suggest deciding what type of surrogate you would like to be.

There are two options and they are both very different. You can either choose to become a Gestational Surrogate: the intended mothers eggs or donor eggs are fertilized by the intended fathers sperm. Then the resulting embryo or embryos are placed into the surrogate mother's prepared uterus. Or you can choose to become a Traditional Surrogate: the surrogate is the egg donor and carrier. She is inseminated with the intended fathers sperm monthly during ovulation until a pregnancy is achieved.

The major difference between the two is obvious. A gestational surrogate has no biological connection to the baby, while a traditional surrogate is the baby's biological mother.

The main thing you need to ask yourself when trying to decide what route to take is, are you willing to carry your biological child knowing you will have to relinquish all rights to said child? Will you be able to part with the child once he/she is delivered? These are extremely important questions that you have to search your heart thoroughly for the answer. You must also be sure you have a good support system. You might be willing to do a traditional surrogacy, but is your partner willing to support you while doing it? What about your extended family? No matter which type of surrogate you want to be, support is a major part of it being a successful journey.

After deciding that traditional surrogacy is the path you would like to follow, the next step is deciding whether you wish to go independent or through an agency. If you are willing to do some legwork and spend extra time on your journey, then independent is an option to look into. But if you would rather relax and let someone else do the legwork, then an agency is what you need.

The next step can be one of two things. You can either do some of the required testing before being matched or you can find your IP's and then do your testing. In most situations, the surrogate will find IP's first and then do any testing required, which the intended parents pay for. After you pass physically, it is always a good idea to test yourself mentally and emotionally. A standard way to test this is with an MMPI. It is a multiple choice test that will take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours to complete. The answers are then gone over by a psychologist, who might also decide to interview you and/or your partner. After passing the psychological testing, you are on your way to contracts.

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