One Intended Mother’s Story: It’s not a “Happy Mother’s Day” for all

One Intended Mother’s Story: It’s not a “Happy Mother’s Day” for all

Blog Submission from a Mother through Surrogacy:

Ever since I was a little girl, there was constantly a thought circling through my head, “I can’t wait to be just like mommy!” I am fortunate to have a mother that nurtured me, gave me proper guidance, and was always there for me– even when times were tough.

I could not wait for my special moment to become a mother and give my children the same experience my mom shared with me.

All of a sudden, I received my blessing in disguise. I was presented a career opportunity to work for a reputable surrogacy and egg donation agency. Filled with excitement, I was quick to accept the offer and explore a whole new industry. With graduation right around the corner, there was nothing more I desperately wanted than to put my hard years of schooling to work. It was my goal to grow the company and incorporate new, fresh and innovative ideas.

Time passed quickly. Each and every day my knowledge surrounding the world of third party reproduction continued to grow. As a young female professional, I have taken time to reflect on my experience thus far. Noted, I can confidently say that my agency, in fact-– grew me. Working for a professionally established surrogacy agency has gifted me a new perspective on life. I never knew so many individuals suffered from infertility. I was very naïve to think, 1 + 2 = 3. When in reality, the CDC states, “1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy.”

It became clear that when it comes my time to start a family, I may have to face the difficulties that surround infertility.

This brings me back to Mother’s Day, which is quickly approaching. To all future mothers that are trying to start a family, it is going to be okay. Our time will come. I no longer have the fear or uncertainty that one day I might not have a baby of my own. My agency partnered with the best in the industry – those who use the most groundbreaking reproductive technology and medicine to bring dreams and miracles together. I have seen first-hand, that the impossible, is possible.

Now an intended mother with my baby safely growing with my surrogate, I am hopeful about future Mother’s Days.

The Fortunate

For those of you who were naturally able to fulfill the dreams of motherhood, think about all of your joyous experiences. You may have the tool to give another deserving couple or individual the same experience by becoming a surrogate.

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